Dr. Lullas Homeopathy

Our Team

Dr. Prakash Lekharaj Lulla M.D (Hom)

Prakash Lekhraj Lulla, MD (Hom) lives and practices in Chembur, Mumbai since 1995, and is known as clear thinker about the practical and realistic benefits and limitations of homeopathy. Over the years, Dr. Prakash Lulla and his team have been making steady efforts to take Homeopathy to a higher understanding by perfecting the principles laid down by Dr. Hahnemann and pioneers like Dr. Kent, Dr. Boenninghausen, Dr. Boger and Dr. Phatak. His method of case taking is a neo-classical approach to Homeopathy and helps a Homeopath to add value to his prescriptions by understanding the deeper underlying sensations and feelings responsible for abnormal and complex phenomena in the life of a human being.

He has studied and worked side by side with leading pioneers in the field of homeopathy— including Dr Farokh Master, Dr Prahlad, Dr Parmeswaran and Dr Navin Shah.

Dr Prakash has been working effortlessly towards creating awareness for well-being through Homeopathy. His work on the “Newer concepts in Homeopathy” and Role of Homeopathy in prevention of diseases have been very well received. He has been a well known speaker on benefits of Homeopathy for Physical, Mental & Emotional Health in various educational conferences as well as corporate meetings held at National and International levels. He has been a visiting faculty for few educational institutes in Mumbai and has been conducting workshops for all age-groups on topics such as Stress Management, Parenting and Emotional Empowerment etc.

Dr Lulla is well known for his immense patience and calmness. Treating thousands of patients in India and abroad has given him great insights into Homeopathic science and he specializes in offering Homeopathic care to people suffering from allergies, skin disorders, chronic conditions, and other illnesses for which the conventional medicine is unable to provide a permanent and safe solution. Dr Lulla does consultations in classical homeopathy for both children and adults suffering with a wide range of ailments. For him practicing homeopathy is not a mere routine practice but a joy and pleasure to see this great science render gentle healing and enrich lives.

Dr Sarita Prakash Lulla ( B.H.M.S)

Dr Sarita is well known for her tremendous patience, insight and open mindedness during case taking giving the patient, space to go into his innermost experience. She has been practicing classical Homeopathy in Mumbai for the last ten years and is known for her art of case taking where she threads every symptom to reach the core feeling of the individual. She is a calm homeopath who is well respected for her talent in the field of pediatric practice and experience, and is fondly admired by parents, children and staff. She has attended several homeopathic seminars and international clinical workshops held in Mumbai and other parts of India. She has numerous publications and contributions in various Homeopathic and health journals and books.

Dr Sakshi Talreja

Dr. Sakshi has graduated in BHMS from Mumbai in the year 2003. She has been working with Dr. Lullas for over 5 years. Her knowledge of converting patients symptomatology into rubrics is unique. She is involved in active, contemporary research and has been working for new concepts in the field of treatment of skin diseases with homeopathy.

Dr Prachi Bhargava, B.H.M.S

Dr. Prachi is associated with Dr. Lulla’s as a homeopathic physician for the past five years. She is a part of our Online patient support system and she is available for online chatting with patients about their medical queries. She also replies to the queries that online patients send us through mails. She looks after the local clinical practice at Tilak Nagar clinic as well. An extremely patient physician, her way of practice and simplicity has earned her high regards among all. She has been active in the proving of several known as well as new Homeopathic remedies. She has been assisting Dr Prakash Lulla in preparations of his seminars and workshops on Homeopathy.

Dr Shweta Chheda

Dr Shweta Chheda, BHMS is a young and talented homeopathic physician who has also completed PG Diploma in Dietetics & Applied Nutrition. She specializes in providing Diet Counseling in Health and in Disease at Dr. Lulla’s. She is very actively involved in spreading awareness about the need of nutritional care combined with homeopathic therapy. Her special interest lies in educating pregnant ladies about the physiology of pregnancy & lactation, preparing their diet plans, planning an exercise plan for them and providing latest information on breast feeding & pediatric care.

Mrs. Lata Lekhraj Lulla, Yoga Therapist @ Dr Lulla’s

Mrs Lulla is a qualified Yoga Teacher and Trainer who is actively involved in building awareness about the benefits of Yoga for Body & Mind, through a range of activities like Yoga training, Conducting Yoga Workshops, Yoga Health Camps & Publication of Articles etc, for the past 10 years. She recommends Yoga in combination with Homeopathic therapy for chronic and serious illnesses. She conducts regular yoga practice classes which helps patients to integrate the mind, body and emotions.

Ms Shivangi Satpute (Clinical Psychologist)

Ms Shivangi Satpute, Graduated and post graduated in clinical psychology. Completed certificate course in Learning Disability. Very vast experience in working with children and parental counseling and workshops. Currently attached with “Parle Tilak Vidyalay” as a school counselor with the psychiatrist’s team. Attached with Dr.Lulla’s clinic and own practice in dadar called, “Manas”- Specialised Center For Child and Adult Counseling and Psychological Assessment. Vocalist in classical and light music since 12 years. Working on musical remedies for psychological disorders.

Miss Sangita Gachande and Miss Bindu Shroff

Balancing and scheduling the appointments for the clinics is very efficiently managed by Sangita at the Tilak Nagar clinic and Bindu at the Chembur clinic. They both excel in communication skills and patient management. Along with handling various activities of the clinic, they also manage the administrative front and Clinic Pharmacy at both places.

At Dr Lulla’s, our team of eight full time doctors and other support staff not only offers the best of homeopathic treatment, diet counseling and yogic exercise plan but rather sets national level standards recommended for any good Homeopathic Medical Practice set-up in the country.